Thursday, April 23, 2009

Elevator Music

I wonder what Cage thought of elevator music. At first, I want to say that Cage would have disliked it, preferring to listen to the unique sounds of the elevator's workings, which one only gets to experience in the short time one is riding in an elevator. But then, perhaps he would have admired the fact that someone thought it worthwhile enough to play music in the elevator, so that people might get to enjoy it, even if just for a few short moments. Personally, I've always wondered what the point was. I mean, one doesn't spend much time in the elevator, so why bother with the entertainment. Then again, perhaps the point isn't entertainment. I can't think of anyone who especially likes elevator music. In fact, I recently heard it described as "muzak" that the world would be better off without. I don't even think it has much to do with our need for constant stimulation either. I think that someone decided to put music in the elevator so that when two strangers (or anyone, really) ride it together, they avoid an awkward silence. Or maybe it's to better the mood when fifteen people are crammed in such a small space -you know, to calm nerves. Then again, elevator music being what it is, it might just make everyone more irritated.
No matter the reason it's played, I don't know what can justify elevator music's being so bad.

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