Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing (and honking and buzzing) in the New Year

Whoever it was who tapped into a niche market for what have come to be called "noise makers," must have been someone well-versed in the practices of good business. What is it that sets "noise makers" apart from any other maker of noise. Aren't there other gadgets that would suffice, toys that would serve the same purpose, objects perhaps even better suited to the job? The term "noise maker" would seem to apply to any object manufactured for the exclusive purpose of making noise. Umm, pardon me, but wouldn't any instrument apply? Or maybe this is a case of "all doves are pigeons, but not all pigeons are doves." Perhaps "noise maker" applies to instruments used for making noise, and not for making music, which explains why brass, strings and woodwinds are out, but doesn't explain why whiny two year olds don't merit the title...

Regardless, I think it's telling of our consumer society that we must go out and buy items specifically manufactured for "noise making" when most everyone has a perfectly good supply of pots and pans in the kitchen. And I can't help but wonder where that lucky dog who first told consumers that they needed special equipment for making chaotic and annoying noises is reclining now.

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