Sunday, December 2, 2012

That Song Sounds Delicious!

One Ring Zero: Members Joshua Camp, Ian Riggs, Ben Holmes, Michael Hearst and Timothy Quigley

So if a musician composes music for ice cream trucks, isn't it kind of the logical progression that his next project would be to get together a bunch of famous chefs and put their recipes to music?

Of course it is.

Michael Hearst and his band, One Ring Zero, got together with a bunch of chefs including David Chang, Mario Batali, and Isa Chandra Moskowitz and what they created is the masterpiece that is known as The Recipe Project.

Having often collaborated with authors and worked with dancers Hearst has always been interested in "taking any set of words, even ones that aren't remotely poetic in the slightest, and trying to set them to music." Recipes, therefore, are prime fodder. It also helped that Hearst's brother-in-law was starting to become famous in his own right with Iron Chef and various Food Network shows, so the band decided to start their recipe compositions with him.
Just to make things even more complicated  -er- fun, The band  asked the chefs what style of music they liked and then tried to write the recipe-inspired songs in that style. This meant singing a recipe for Brains and Eggs in a hip-hop style (which I think it lends itself to, don't you?).

You can watch a video of One Ring Zero's musical rendition of a recipe for Peanut Butter Brunettes here.

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