Saturday, May 6, 2017

Turning Up the Volume

If you've ever found yourself out in the woods, seeking some peace and quiet, you might have found that the outdoors is anything but. If you are lucky enough to escape the anthropogenic sounds of air conditioners and traffic, you will find the forest cacaphonous with birdsong all day and frogs and crickets at night.

Students in Estonia thought it would be a good idea to amplify this "peace and quiet" with enormous wooden megaphones. I must say I concur.


Daniel Ruwe said...

I love that this blog still exists. It brings back some memories. Hope you are well!

penny said...

Aw! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one here- and I'm glad to hear you remember this blog as fondly as I do.

Jerome Langguth said...

Hello Dan and Penny. I am pleased to see that the Cage conversation still continues. Appropriate, as Cage likes long-form pieces. His "As Slow as Possible" for organ is currently being performed in a version scheduled to last until 2640 (639 years).