Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Few Thoughts from Cage

The following quotes are taken from Cage's For the Birds (Marion Boyars, 1981). They seemed to me to be relevant to our current discussion of postmodern mash-ups, electronic music and culture, copyright, etc.

"I believe in particular that all the thoughts of all 'cultures'--in the ethnological sense of the term--and all the experiments ever attempted and ever recorded are going to come together, unite, and intermingle. They will form a climate with scarcely any focus. Thus you'll be able to use it differently each time. Repetition won't exist any more."

"My deepest desire regarding contemporary music is to hear it all. Not successively, but all at once, at the same time. Everything together! But perhaps that's a perverse wish... Who knows if we'll do it even when we have the necessary technology? That technology doesn't exist yet? Well, long live the technology to come!

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