Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I must say, the video today was quite comedic; and although I'd rather not admit it, (Jimmy and I have been arguing about who's project will be better) I thought it was pretty funny and liked it a lot. I know how much Jimmy loves his car, so that part was especially funny. I've never seen Concord of the (Insert last word here)--sorry I don't remember what it's called, so that part didn't really make sense to me. However, the song was quite funny. I definitely enjoyed that too. Daniel's appearance was a splendid surprise. I'm pretty sure he deserves some extra credit for his hard work on TWO PROJECTS. (cough cough dr langguth cough cough)

I was thinking about the turn table presentation the other day. It reminded me of dances and class get togethers that some of my friends would DJ. I would walk over to say "Hi" and be amazed by all the technology involved (I'm a bit technolically retarded). I even helped them break everything down once, and I honestly have NO IDEA how DJs can keep all those cords and everything straight. It was sooo confusing, even for the easy stuff they had me do. Random, I know, but I was thinking about it and it just reminded me of when I helped them break everything down. It definitely gave me a whole new respect for them. That's some confusing stuff, let me tell you.

I don't want to compete with the length of Daniel's blog, so I think I'll cut it off now.

Note to Jimmy: Our project will still be pretty sweet. =]


Emmy said...

Random much hehe. But I agree the movie was pretty cool. The part with the car was awesome and the music was a hilarious. But I also agree that ours will be sooo much better.

James Schack said...

Now you've built up my expectations even more, I can't wait : )
Oh and I'm glad everyone enjoys the destruction of my car