Monday, December 1, 2008

I really enjoyed Mark's and Daniel's projetcs today, though they both seemed to start with the same idea their final projects were pretty different. Mark's seemed to flow pretty smoothly and had a large amount indterminacy because he used his whole musical library. I also really enjoyed all the artists he played, they were all great bands. I haven't heard Creed in like 3 years and it was nice to hear them again. So based on hs smooth transitions, delightful music selection (even though he had no control over it), and the large potential of variability I would like to give Mark's final 4 out of 5 John Cage Mushrooms.
=} =} =} =} (those are supposed to be mushrooms, about as close as I could get anyway)

Daniel's project took a different approach. Daniel hand picked 50 songs which all had equal chance of appearing in the final project, but only 15 would make the cut. As you would assume the competition was fierce with lots of back stabbing and double crossing by some songs, especially Mozart, to ensure they would make it through the eliminations. Ok thats not really true but I enjoy the dramatic effect. While Daniels hand picked his 50 songs he went beyond his own personal tastes to included artists; such as Sun Ra, Bob Dillion, and the G man himself John Cage; he really does not like and really kinda hates on the list. So while his list was shorter, Daniel went beyond his personal tastes, which is very Cagian, and he posted it up on the blog so thats good for some bonus pionts cough cough Dr Langguth cough cough. So for that I give Daniel's final 4.5 out 5 John Cage Mushrooms.
=} =} =} =} = (notice the half mushroom)

Finally I want to give anyone how is out on the blog tonight/tommorrow a slight sneak peak of Angelle, Jenna, JJ, and my final project. It has techno, I know I'm sure your both stunned and excited (I mean me and techno who would have guessed?), and covers a lot of the random discussions we have had in class, and then there is just some other randomness thrown in. I don't know if anyone has read Kurt Vonnegutt, but if you have our thought process for the film was a lot like his writing style, any random thought was used and ellaborated to its maximum. So I'm not trying hype it up but I'm going to pre-emptively give our final project 6 out of 5 John Cage Mushrooms cause its probably the funniest short film ever, atleast to me it is, and I'm the critic here so I'll do what I want.
=} =} =} =} =} =} Real Talk

P.S. John Cage is a G


Mark said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the transitions. Some of those were really difficult and even the ones that I saw immediately took some time to set up, but I did the best I could (trying to keep it random but structered you know). My favorite transition is actually between "867-5309" and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" because the voices in "867-5309" hit the same exact note as the guitar from "Are You Gonna Be My Girl", and they were both long notes that are used to transition to a softer/slower part of the song. Which meant that the rythm of each song didn't really matter like it did in the other transitions.
I was actually really surprised that the sick puppies came up twice being that I only have those two songs on my computer when I nearly have the complete discography of some other bands on there that didn't even show.
Anyways I'll post my project so that you can listen to it again (if you really want to).

And come on four out of five mushrooms, that's like an 80%. I certaintly hope that I get a better grade than that.

Mark said...
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Mark said...

well, the darn thing won't let me post it, but I'll try to figure it out.