Monday, June 15, 2009

A Bleg

I found my orange Cage CD somewhere, and I remembered that I liked at least one of the songs on it. (There was a Radiohead song, and a Kraftwerk song I liked). But I lost the sheet with the track names on it. Does anyone have the list of tracks on the orange CD?

Even if you don't, have a nice summer if I don't see you before school.


jerome langguth said...


Here is the information you requested:

Orange CD

1. Imagination- Sun Ra (DJ Spooky mix)
2. Rozart Mix- John Cage (DJ Spooky)
3. John Cage Bubblegum- Stereolab
4. The Telephone Call- Kraftwerk
5. The Equator- Tortoise
6. Paperwork- Raymond Scott (DJ Spooky)
7. The Dull Flame of Desire- Bj├Ârk
8. Vitamin C- Can
9. Raymond Scott (DJ Spooky)
10. It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl- Faust
11. Hallogallo – Neu!
12. Jigsaw Falling Into Place- Radiohead
13. Plateau of Mirror- Brian Eno/Harold Budd
14. All Tomorrow’s Parties – The Velvet Underground

penny said...

Ummm.. what's a bleg? A blog beg?

Daniel Ruwe said...

yeah, that's right, Penny. Clever, huh?