Monday, June 22, 2009

Show Tunes

So I haven't heard anything new in the realm of experimental music lately, but I have switched up my music selection. I've started listening to soundtracks from movies and musical during my morning run (hey! don't laugh!). I like it because I can run through the movie in my head. I'm not sure what Cage would have thought of movie soundtracks, but I get the feeling that he wouldn't have thought to highly of them . They aren't about the sound as much as they are about narrating the story, they communicate moods and emotions, and it totally goes against the whole idea of music and dance being able to exist independently and simultaneously. So Beethoven was wrong, Andrew Lloyd Webber was wrong, Rogers and Hammerstein were wrong, we're all wrong. But it certainly keeps me entertained on my morning run :)

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penny said...

I thought I'd mention here that I have a friend who does set work for the Showboat Majestic, and he's gotten me tickets to see their next show: Musical, the musical! Okay, so if you're a bit confused, it's actually a musical about a musical (a bit of a satire, I think). Anyway, I thought that Cage might have appreciated that concept :)