Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sound Pollution!!!!

Okay, I don't want to sound like a party pooper, but I have to say that I hate, lothe, despise with a passion those people who shoot off fireworks (most likely illegally) in places where it isn't appreciated... like right in front of my house!!!! It's not even the fourth yet and the pyromaniacs on my street have already taken to ignighting explosives at the most inopportune times (aka when I'm trying to sleep>:P Curse the the ancient Chinese for having brought into the world such an abomination as fireworks! I'm sorry, call me unpatriotic if you want, but fireworks are nothing but noisy, smelly... noisy wastes of money that allow grown men to act like immature children and catch things on fire. They pollute the air, send debris (litter!!!) sprawling all over neighbors yards (and poor, defenseless, vegetable gardens), scare the pee out of my dogs, and keep me up at night (thank the lord for ear plugs!) -not to mention all the people that get hurt every year. Sometimes I wish people would just be considerate, law abiding citizens and leave the fireworks to the pros (because the pros don't set them off right outside my bedroom window!) Bah Humbug!!!!!!!! Can't we celebrate without recreating the Revolutionary War?


Samantha said...

I actually love the sound of fireworks. More than watching them, maybe. Perhaps I have a violent streak or something. My dog always goes into major panic attacks around the fourth over the sounds, though in the past few years she's calmed down (our pyromaniac neighbor has moved to the other side of the neighborhood). We usually stay inside on the fourth to keep her calm, so I always just listen to the fireworks. This year we got back from vacation yesterday and Nellie's still in the babysitting kennel, and I spent all night worried about her, even though I don't even know if there are even any fireworks going off near the place. I miss my doggie. Happy birthday, USA, and I hope your neighbors run out of fireworks soon, Penny. Our neighbor used to set them off all month long.

penny said...

Everyone's got a pyromaniacle neighbor, haven't they? Well, The fouth of July came and went without many casualties (as far as I know at 7:32 the morning after...). It actually rained all day long and, though this in no way deterred people from setting off fireworks, it at least made things nice and wet and kept roofs from catching on fire :) Still, the night was a crazy as ever and after having made an appearence at the blockparty and delivered a platter of cherry cupcakes, I made my way back inside and was more or less a party pooper. But then, it was raining anyway... :)

penny said...

P.S. Hope your dog's alright, Samantha! Mine spazzed out as usual, but don't seem to be any worse for it.