Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jimmy Giuffre on "Free Fall"

From Jimmy Giuffre's liner notes for his 1962 album of "three-sided music", Free Fall:

"... Given: the urge to enter new realms, glimpse other dimensions, reach the absolute. Given: the visions from thinking on such things as... gravity, Monk, electricity, time, space, the microcosmos, leaves, chemistry, power, Gods, white-hot heat, asteroids, love, eternity, Einstein, Rollins, Evans, the heartbeat, pain, Delius, Scherchen, Art, overtones, the prehistoric, La Violette, wife, life, voids, Berg, Bird, the universe...

...We come to NOW and this album. YGGDRASILL!!!

Is this what Kant meant when he said "seek always to expand rather than to narrow your horizons"?

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penny said...

Whatever their dimensions, those seem like some pretty awesome horizons.