Friday, July 15, 2011

The Music of Alaska and the Whole Earth

"Art embraces beauty. But beauty is not the object of art, it's merely a by-product. The object of art is truth. That which is true is that which is whole. In a time when human consciousness has become dangerously fragmented, art helps us recover wholeness. In a world devoted to material wealth, art connects us to the qualitative and the immaterial. In a world addicted to consumption and power, art celebrates emptiness and surrender. In a world accelerating to greater and greater speed, art reminds us of the timeless." -- John Luther Adams

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penny said...

Wow. Fantastic. To think that the earth itself, the internal and immense rumblings of its very insides, is a musician is an awesome concept. Makes me feel very very small -as if all other human musicians past and present are simply echoes, imperfect and laughable mimics of this sonic phenomenon that the planet has been composing since time began.