Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I found it quite interesting after reading about John Cage's life when it was not revolved around music. It did not surprise me when it said he graduated from high school at the age of sixteen, because he was a genius in many senses of the term. He was book smart, could always look outside the box, and he also was so musically talented that he would probably be bored if he graduated at regual pace. It was also no surprise to me that he could never see music in a traditional way, even since birth. One thing that surprised me was that he was married for a period of time. The fact that he later got a divorce was more reasonable in my opinion. He was so caught up in everything that was happening around him and analyzing every single noise in the day to day life that I could never see him as having a life with someone deep enough to last very long.
I do not see how their marriage even started, let alone how it lasted as long as it did. If I was in his shoes I don't know when I would have time for a spouse because he was so focused on music, and mushrooms, and seeing a different side of everything in the universe, literally. From his ex's perspective I cannot see how she put up with him for as long as she did, honestly. He must not have had any time for her. He may not have ever really known who his wife was and vise versa.
So I wonder how much influence the marriage had on his music. Did it even affect it at all? On the flip side, I wonder how the music affected his marriage. I wonder if it was the music and the time spent on the music ended the relationship, or if other outside factors did as well.

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