Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Welcome To Sympathies Enlarged

The goal of this blog is to inspire thought and discussion about the art of John Cage. We will (hopefully) encounter music from a wide range of musical styles and cultures in this course, but the main focus of the blog will be the ideas, works, and continuing influence of the American composer John Cage. We begin with an inquiry into the act of listening inspired by Cage’s thought. Our goal will be to become more attentive to the various soundworlds, both natural and technologically mediated, that we inhabit. We will then explore the ways in which Cage’s ideas about sound and music have impacted contemporary musical cultures. Some of the themes we will discuss include the impact of the phonograph on musical experience and consumption, the influence of Cage on rock and jazz music, and the work of Cage-inspired sound ecologists around the world who are working to preserve natural soundscapes threatened by human development.

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James Schack said...

John Cage is a g. Pretty much a crazy awesome dude.