Monday, October 6, 2008

A Blog on Nothing

Well Cage is somewhat fascinating with his obsession with simplicity. It seemed to me that Cage just rambled in a stream of consciousness manner for nearly 20 pages. I'm not saying that a bad thing by any means. The first few pages are filled with Cage's delightful wit. Such interesting lines as "Its like an empty glass, nothing but wheat, is it corn?" I enjoyed all Cage's little witticisms in the first few pages.

The middle section where Cage just repeated himself for five pages was crazy. When it first repeated I laughed a little, but then it just kept repeating and repeating. I couldn't help but feel annoyed and I wished it would just switch to something else. After about two pages of repetitive words I tried to focus on the background music that was playing. That kept me entertained for awhile but the repetitiveness was almost over powering. I don't mind repetitive beats or lyrics in music, but just hearing the same words being read aloud over and over bugged me. I really didn't understand what Cage was getting at until we talked about how if you listened to the words as sounds instead of words its not annoying.

I also enjoyed that Cage told the story of the man standing on the hill again. Its a simple yet profound story. The man just stands on the hill just to stand there. No real reason, he is just doing it to be doing it. I think that is one of the best ways to live life at times. Just do whatever for no real reason. Spontaneousness is so much fun and keeps life interesting. The man's reply to the question of why he is standing on the hill, "I just stand" reminds me of a similar experience I had. A wise man once asked me, "Why is a rainbow pretty?" I couldn't think of any real answer and the wise man told me, "It just does".

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