Monday, October 6, 2008

Lecture on Nothing and The Themes

The lecture on nothing was both humorous and thought provoking to me. He would randomly put funny things into it splitting up the very thoughtful sections of his lecture. The parts where he repeats the same things over and over many times, were funny at first, then brought forth questions. When I heard it the first time, I thought about what he was saying literally. I thought about how he has a point about the fact that being where we are is not what is annoying, but it is when we want to be anywhere else but where we are that is annoying. The second and third time it repeated, I kind of laughed because i thought he was just making the point that he was in fact, going nowhere. The next time it was repeated I was getting irritated and wanting to sleep like he was suggesting. The rest of the times it was repeated, I at first listened to the music, then I just started just listening to it becoming in a sense a single entity. The lecture just became a part of the background music that was playing.
One of the themes in the handout caught my attention because of how I related it too today's class. It says boredom plus attention equal becoming interested. That was very true with the lecture on nothing. After a while, I got bored with the repetition, then once I paid attention to the background music and how that sounded with the lecture, I became more interested in the connection of the two sounds. One other theme that related was highest purpose equals no purpose. So, the lecture on nothing had a very high purpose because it did not really have a set purpose in and of itself. It's only purpose was what ever purpose the listeners seemed to get out of the lecture after it ended. On the same level, the last theme is goal is not to have a goal. Cage definitely accomplished this one in the lecture by purposely not having any set goal what so ever. Some things in life should also not have a goal. We should do it just because.

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