Monday, October 20, 2008

Not From This Planet

When we started discussing Sun Ra and his style of music, I thought, like many others, he was insane. But then once I started thinking about it I realized I had seen a band that was cosmic before but I could not remember who it was or where I had seen them. Then the other day it hit me when I was talking to J.J. I had actually been to what was basically an outdoor club in Italy, and the band that night was like Sun Ra in a way. I am not sure what they were singing about because it was in Italian, but what they looked like I do remember. They had a "rocket" made of I think plastic, that they walked out of onto stage to make their grand entrance. Then each one was introduced and they walked out. They all looked like they were a part of Star Wars gone wrong. The lead singer had on a space helmet that lights went across the front on. He also had on a funny looking shiny cape, and when he sang he used a synthesizer so it sounded like he was in fact from space. The guitarist also had on a really funny cape and he had on a helmet that I am not sure what it was supposed to be it just looked really odd. He also had on space boots and shiny silver gloves. The drummer had an alien mask on, a shiny pink space suit, and bright yellow gloves and shoes. Then they started playing. It sounded kind of like some of Sun Ra's stuff but it was more traditional melody meets cosmic sounds. You could pick out a sort of melody with a certain rhythm. The instruments and mics must have had some different equipment with them so that it made each one sound differently during different parts of each song. It sounded kind of like the songs from Star Wars, but not as cool and more bazaar. It made you wonder if they had had a few too many drinks before getting up there. So when this was brought up I thought it was really funny because I thought that band was just some really strange group, but I guess they aren't the only ones. But just imagine Star Wars gone wrong, but also it was in Italian so it sounded even weirder.

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