Friday, October 24, 2008

Tim Daisy's Band

Tim Daisy's band today was pretty good. I wasn't sure how much of an influence Cage had on them but after the first song it was very apparent. I really liked all the different sounds he made with his prepared drums. It was crazy seeing all house hold stuff he used. I thought the paint brushes made a pretty cool sound. I was thrilled to see the cow bell, but I must say I needed more cow bell. It was very Cageian the way he pick stuff up, used it for a few seconds, and then tossed it aside; and if something fell off it didn't matter. I was also interesting to see some of the expressions on people's faces. Most people were completely surprised and befuddled by the preformance, but all the people in our class were just like, "Oh, its a Cage preformance". I was also surprised at how knowledgable they were about Cage. I expected them to know about him and his music but they seem more like complete experts. They also had a pretty good sense of humor and understood that some poeple had no idea what was going on. I really enjoyed the preformance, it was something completely different. I sure the concert tonight will be even more interesting, maybe some prepared cello?

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