Monday, September 29, 2008

Easy to say, hard to mean, impossible to prove

Whats wrong with a little bull shit? I mean how often do you say something you mean a 100%. How often do people say, "I'm starving" or "I could eat a horse" when they are just hungry. Exaggerations are part of our culture and one of the easiest things to exaggerate are our feelings for other people. Have you ever thought things like, "I care for that person so much I would take a bullet for them", but given the situation of someone pointing a gun at that person would you really be able to sacrifice your life to save theirs. Its easy to say that. The same principles apply to our expression of love. I believe those three little words "I love you" have been tossed around to the point they are next to meaningless. Have you ever told someone you loved them and not really meant it. I have and if you really think about it you probally have too. If you really love someone world would be a much smaller and more sad place without them. Its someone you miss after not seeing them a couple days and when you do get to see them again your so happy you get to hang out with them and you dread having to leave them again. Its someone you would trust no matter what. Its someone you really would take a bullet for. You can love in varying degrees but I think to truely 100% love someone you need all theses things. In this sense I really only truely love four people. Now if you only told people who you truely 100% loved that you loved them then a lot less people would hear "I love you", and thats not really a good thing. Even though you don't mean it to the fullest extent of the word love doesn't mean you shouldn't say it. You may be bull shitting your feelings a little the world would a boring and lonely place without people bull shitting about love. Its nice to hear that someone loves you and its even better to hear a ridiculous exaggeration of someone's love for you, like "I love you so much I would walk a thousand miles just to be with you". But in the end telling someone those 3 simple words "I love you" is easy to say, hard to mean, and almost impossible to prove.

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