Saturday, September 20, 2008

Silience is Golden

I believe the study about how quieter and more tranquil communities have stronger connections is holds a lot of water. I'm oridinally from a small farming community thats ten minutes away from any major road. It is comprised of about 100 families and most of themare members of Sts. Peter and Paul perish. The area is collectively known as 12 mile and it is a very tight knit community. Everyone knows everyone else's name and veryone always waves to you when you drive past them. There is no crime or other major social problems. I don't know if you can contribute all the to the lack of industrial noise, but the remoteness is definetly a factor. This remoteness is so treasured that people fear the eventual addition of subdivisions in 12 mile. No one wants to see the community be destroyed but cramming poeple in uniformal subdivision.

Besides the tight community I love 12 mile for two other reasons. The first is the sound track. No matter where I'm out in 12 mile if I stop and listen there is a high-fi soundscape of birds singing, leaves rustling in the trees, and all kinds of animals and insects. Every now and then I'll just chill down by my creek or skip rocks on my lake and just take in through all my senses. The sound of the water washing over rocks, the smell of the grass, the feeling of the sun hitting me, the sight of all the green trees around me, and the taste of truely fresh air. Its the most tranquil feeling ever. No matter what kind of a day im having after just 20 or 30 minutes of chilling out I feel completely renewed. The other reason I enjoy living in 12 mile is the view at night. I love looking at the stars and I swear I have not found a better place to view them than my own back yard. At night its pitch black where I live because there are no street lights or anything. This makes the stars look more vivid than anywhere else I have ever been. Plus at night there is still a high fi soundscape of bugs and frogs by my lake. Its just a soothing effect. My house is 25 minutes from the nearest McDonalds or Walmart, but I would never trade the tranquil soundscape or stunning view for all the McDonalds double cheese burgers or Walmart's convient everyday low prices. In my book, tranquility lays the smack down on convience everyday of the week.

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