Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love Song Discussion I Missed

Apparently I missed a very interesting discussion in class on Friday, but it is kind of ironic. While I was at the tournament, my dad went driving around and found a yard sale. He bought me this Bob Dylan and the Greatful Dead cd. I never knew they had a concert together, but it was interesting that once I was listening to it, I read that you guys had a discussion about him in class while I was gone.
I agree with some of you that some love songs now are not as sincere. They only are singing it because it is what people want to hear or because it sounds good. I also agree that there are still some of them that have quite a bit of truth in them and they do not always have to be a certain style of music. I think Bob Dylan's songs are very sincere. He shows us all of the emotions associated with love including the pain and longing that is involved in his relationships. He may not have songs with many lyrics, or they may be repetitive, but they show a great deal of emotion in those few words. He may not be the most popular artist, but if you listen to him you can tell that he truly does feel the emotions he is trying to portray to his listeners, and he eventually evokes those feelings or ones like those feelings in his listeners whether they realize it or not. He takes those intense feelings and puts them into songs like quite a few musicians try but never can do that well.
I only like a few of his songs, because I have only listened to a few of them. But, the ones I like, do bring out lots of emotions in the songs. I tend to like music that I can relate to in some way or another. His music was introduced to me because my dad listened to oldies. Knockin on Heaven's Door came on the radio one day and at first I did not get the point. But, after I started thinking more and more about it, the more I started liking the song because of the emotions brought out in it. It may take a little longer to start liking his music because it is not what I typically listen to, but eventually I started liking more and more of his songs, as long as I gave them a chance. They may not be very long and may have a lot of chorus lines, but they mean quite a bit in those few lines. His songs make you think and figure out ways to relate to them, when sometimes you would never do that for any other reason.

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