Sunday, September 21, 2008

Once Again, I Can't Think of a Good Title.....

I still can't figure out how to open the podcast, and was going to write on that, but I guess now I can't and if anyone knows how to open it and would like to walk me through it...that would be amazing. But anyway....

In reading the pages from Manifesto for Silence, I really found it more interesting than any of the readings we've done so far. I think this was partially due to me being able to actually comprehend what I was reading. I really thought it was interesting how they're looking into using noise in the military. In a world where it's all about who's got the bigger and more destructive bomb, it's really interesting to know that something as simple as noise can be used to acheive the same effect without causing death. However, ear damage may not be such a good side's much better than killing people.
Another thing I found really interesting in the reading was the link between silence and healthcare. Being a nursing major, that type of stuff appeals to me as I will be able to use that knowledge in my profession later on. I would have figured listening to some kind of soothing, soft, calming music would be more relaxing than silence because silence can makes some people nervous. Through this reading I came to see I was wrong. The silence actually has a calming effect moreso than the slow, soft pieces of music. Hopefully when (and if) I'm a nurse, I'll remember this information and be able to use it sometime.
Although I wasn't able to listen to the podcast, it was said in class that Cage said something about enjoying listening to traffic. I can see where he would say this. The hum of the cars constantly passing is enough to lull someone to sleep or calm them down, much as soft music does. Even if you're right by the cars, you become accustomed to the sound of the cars and it all starts to get quieter and seemingly disappear and not be as loud...which I can imagine would be pretty relaxing.
Altogether, I think when you first hear some of the things Cage says, like him enjoying listening to traffic, it's easy to think he's crazy. But if you really think about it...he does make sense and his ideas are very easy to relate to.

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