Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Insert Clever Title Here

I found myself having a very "John Cage" moment tonight. My roommate and I decided to go to buy a basketball so we could play on the court outside sometimes. On the ride back to Thomas More, I realized that I had completely zoned out and wasn't listening to a word my roommate was saying. I was listening to the sound of the wheels of the car against the pavement. I was so engulfed in listening to the steady rhythm of the wheel rolling along the pavement that I had absolutely no idea that she was talking to me. Every so often there would be a random sound made by her (my roommate) running over a rock. After thinking about it for a while, I suppose the random rock noises parallel the idea of chance operations since they were coming at random times and each one sounded different.
Tonight made me realize the impact this class is having on me. I'm starting to notice sounds in random things, much as Cage did. I actually think I'm starting to scare my roommate, with listening to the FYS CD songs more often and doing things like I did tonight. On the first day, I seriously thought the music we were going to listen to would be a big joke. Little did i know I'd begin to enjoy, understand and even relate to it.

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Daniel Ruwe said...

Glad someone's enjoying Cage. :)