Monday, September 22, 2008

A thoughtless nation

Despite all of the opposition to the “Manifesto for Silence”, I want to defend part of it. What really made sense to me was the fact that there are people and businesses out there that try to keep us from thinking for ourselves. Music isn’t the only weapon used in this battle, and I do believe that it’s role is greatly exaggerated. As a matter of fact just about everything technological or not is used to these people’s advantage. I think music is used as a paradigm for all these others, and is highly metaphorical. This is due to the fact that everyone equates quite with concentration and noise with the lack of it. I’m sure everyone’s mom or dad has yelled at them to quite down because they had to work. It’s an easy and subtle metaphor. But the point is that there are people out there who don’t want us to think for ourselves, and they’re succeeding.

All to often, People buy things they don’t need, they engage in fierce debates over trivial or non-existent issues, and they don’t stop to think. These people are over engaged with everything in today’s age, and they simply don’t have time for thought if they want to keep up with face book, my space, you tube, television, radio, etc. So they hear and see ads on these entertainment spots and, depending on who they trust, they either reject this notion or item or accept it. Who they trust could realm from between different politicians to between doctor and food industry. This is exactly what so many businesses and every political party wants. They want us to blindly follow them and to just do what were told, and each year one of them decides to push the limit and finds another way to get us to blindly follow them over some “revolutionary” “idea” or “understanding”. They lie to us so often and nobody stops to think long enough to even realize that something doesn’t seem right. Although, this is the big businesses’ and political parties’ paradise, mindless peons that do whatever they’re told. This also accounts for the reason why everyone blames all of theirs trouble on everyone, but themselves. I wonder what our country or even world would be like if more people took the time to think.

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