Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Things to Think About

I hadn’t really thought about how much noise is always present everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you actually acknowledge it or not it is still present and came become quite overwhelming if you start focusing on it. Even when we were just sitting outside listening to everything, sounds that you don’t even notice any other day can start sounding like they are coming out of a speaker right next to you. The traffic was the most constant sound that I heard, but if you focused on it enough it can sound like you are sitting right next to the road. But, even the most minute sounds can become very loud and even obnoxious. When I was just listening to people walking by, just the slightest noise of people’s keys became louder than the traffic and the machinery. Then when I tried to block that sound out, whenever someone after that came by with their keys, it got really irritating because that was one of the few sounds I wanted to block out, but couldn’t.
The other thing that we talked about that I never really thought about was how some people literally have to have some sort of noise at all times or else they start getting uncomfortable. In a sense, they need the noise in order to think. But on the other hand, there are people who cannot think if there is any noise around them at all. For me, when I am studying or doing homework I always have my music on. It is kind of ironic, but whenever I try to study without music I find myself unable to concentrate on the work I need to get done. I need to have some music in order to not start thinking about what I have to get done that day or that week, or about what is going on with my friends, or what other homework I still have to do, or even just thinking about how much longer the homework is going to take me. When I am just reading for the fun of it or doing other things I usually don’t have any sort of music on because it is something I like to do and want to do so I can concentrate without any music. In other words yes I am strange and I know it, but now I am starting to think about why I do listen to music when I do and why I don’t when I don’t. I also am thinking of what other noises are out there in the world around me whether I can hear them or not.

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